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While attempting to create an artificial reef to improve surfing conditions, Oregon scientist and microscopist David Plath discovered a unique way to separate micron sized gold from beach sands.

From Asia to Africa, Australia and the Americas, Cleangold has been proven to be a powerful, efficient, gravity recovery method for the extraction of free micron gold, platinum and other minerals of commerce.

Particularly significant is Cleangold’s ability to concentrate and extract micron gold from black sands (magnetite) without the losses typically associated with toxins or expensive, conventional systems requiring large amounts of clean water, power or maintenance.

Please search the web using the keyword Cleangold to find independent verification.

Our mission is to offer this technology as a non-mercury alternative to the environmental and health risks associated with chemical extraction, particularly in the artisanal and small scale mining communities of the world.  

Cleangold in China with National Geographic


Recovering fine and micron gold from a pan full of black sands (magnetite) in under 4 minutes with Cleangold

The Cleangold Prospector’s Sluice for high grading ore samples or investigating an ore source. $40.

“Gravimetric methods may be used to concentrate ore to get a smeltable product and is optimal for certain ores. However, often the finer gold particles are lost when using gravimetric methods due to turbulent flow, not-spherical gold particles, etc. Often the gold-grains are combined with other, lighter minerals, often with sulphur bonds which need to be broken e.g. by thermal treatment. The Cleangold sluices appears to separate fine gold particles better than any other gravimetric method.”  -Dr. Lars Hylander, Professor, University Uppsala, Sweden

“We are currently designing a large filtration plant with multi-set ups to handle the high volume we will be processing, now that our Exploitation permit has been issued. As you can see from results, that using your system increased greatly the amounts of recoverable gold and other precious metals, as calculated in previous studies as well as our re-verification study (Dec08-April 09). Those studies are what our 24 month proforma is based on being calculated as 1/2 gram per cm3, and now expected to average 2+gramsAu cm3.”  - D. A., Peru

Myself, along with other professionals of the mining area, have been undertaking the implementation of the technology developed by Cleangold in order to recover fine gold of past mining activities in gold areas in Bolivia. My country Bolivia is and has been an emminently mining country, although the sustainability issues (environmental and quality of life) have been sacrificed at the expense of the short term economic benefits. Within this scope, environmental awareness and economic development of communities located where the Cleangold technology has been implemented, has demonstrated a very positive result considering the old practices implemented in the region where mercury affected not only the quality of the water resources and fauna, but also the health and life of people.” A.V., Bolivia

RE: Cleangold trough. I looked at buying a Cleangold product 3 years ago but did not because I thought it was too good to be true. 

I set it up quickly with a few blocks of wood and the garden hose. I had some 3mm and less concentrates I ran through the trough and I could not believe my eyes the gold was sticking to the trough. When looking through a 10x lope I could see more that the eye could not see. The gold is 1mm or less flat flakes i could see it when panning now i am able to collect them. With a little more care on set up and water flow I will be able to collect more.  I could not get my other methods to work so I tried something different. Outstanding."

ASC., Western Australia

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