Gentle Miners

Gold is everywhere (and still there).

Our current economy coupled with the rising price of gold has resulted in interest from people who have never mined for gold before, asking us,

“Can I make a living or supplement my income as a gold miner?”

For those who are curious to see if their lands or streams where gold mining has occurred in the past still contain gold today, we have good news.

All of the prospecting and mining that occurred in the past was in the hunt for nuggets, not fine gold or gold dust. The tools and methods used in historic gold mining resulted in significant losses of gold that is now sitting where it flew out of sluice boxes and gold pans years ago.  Gold that you can now find easily and inexpensively with Cleangold.

If you would like to try your hand at non-chemical, non-motorized, simple, clean gold mining, but you have no gold mining skills, you should know that before Cleangold was invented, we’d never mined for gold before either.

In the course of our mission to bring this technology to people around the world who are using toxic methods to earn a living as gold miners, we’ve found it is much easier to train people on Cleangold if they’d never mined for gold before. No bad habits to break, or past assumptions to overcome.

Throughout our travels it has also been surprising how ubiquitous (common everywhere) fine gold is. Even in places not known for gold, natural processes can concentrate what fine gold is present. Unlocking the key to a new place is very satisfying.

The bad news is, this is the gold mining business.  Mark Twain famously said:

“A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar on top.”  This is also often the case with those who are trying to sell you products to get that gold out of that hole. Be wary of manufacturers’ claims and seek out independent confirmation before you buy.

There are few recreational miners in the US who have received a return of gold equal to or surpassing their investment in gold mining equipment. They’ll have a lot of adventures and great stories to tell, but also, empty wallets in the pursuit of striking it rich.

We suggest you start with some web research, read about us and our press sections, and if you're still interested, the best way to begin gold mining is with our smallest tool, the $40 Cleangold Prospector's Sluice.

Every gold miner who uses our system needs this tool. With the Prospector’s Sluice and our simple instructions, you can determine in less than five minutes whether or not that dirt you dug up is worth your time to keep digging.

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