List of current Cleangold methods available, along with ongoing technical support to our recreational, artisanal, small scale and industrial customers.   

Using the Cleangold Prospector’s Sluice. This method teaches the basics of Cleangold technology using the simple Prospector’s Sluice, the cornerstone tool in the Cleangold method.  

The Cleangold “One Pan Experiment.” This method teaches how to do simple, semi-quantitative field assays to evaluate mining potential using the Prospector’s Sluice.   

Using the Cleangold Cleanup Trough. This method is used for processing the concentrates from primary recoveries using the Cleangold process. It is especially useful for operations running more than one ton per hour.  

Using the Cleangold Sluice. This method discusses the setup and use of our production sluices, the Economy Sluice and the Beach Sluice for operations running less than one ton per hour.  

Using Cleangold for Recovery from Concentrates. This is a general recovery method using simple, inexpensive tools that is quick and easy.  

Recovering Gold from Cleangold Concentrates of Milled Ore. This is a more specific method for operations mining milled ore from hardrock deposits. The gold is often the finest encountered with a considerable portion finer than 200 mesh.  

Cleangold “Quick Cash” Recovery. Using the unique properties embodied by the Cleangold method, artisanal (subsistence) miners can quickly reduce and recover a large portion of the gold from Cleangold concentrates using this simple method, taking only minutes. This is especially useful for miners needing to recover gold daily for ongoing expenses.  

Cleangold Alluvial Adaptations. This method discusses the modification of existing alluvial land dredging operations as practiced in South America, to improve recovery of sub 100 mesh gold.  

Cleangold Hardrock Method. This replacement of copper/mercury amalgamation sluices with the Cleangold method is discussed.